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Villa Rothschild Grill & Health

Villa Rothschild Grill & Health Restaurant

Sincere thanks to all dining guests who have praised and commended us in such a short space of time. We’re absolutely thrilled and promise many more culinary exploits to come!
The Villa Rothschild Grill & Health Restaurant Team

Villa Rothschild Grill & Health Restaurant

Discover the Rothschild’s style of cuisine and dine at one of the finest locations for unique taste experiences that you can share with others. Located at the heart of the Taunus region and in close proximity to Frankfurt am Main, the Villa Rothschild is a historic location that is often referred to as the ‘House of the German States’ and the ‘Cradle of the Federal Republic’. We wish you a very warm welcome to the Villa Rothschild Grill & Health Restaurant.

Rothschild style of flavours

French? Naturellement! But also so much more… Not only will you come across well-known dishes in the Villa Rothschild Grill & Health Restaurant but also individual compositions that you will not, and should not, find anywhere else. Dining here will allow you to experience the villa’s heritage and influences from the Rothschild family’s French roots from a culinary angle. Whereas other chefs apply limits to their culinary concepts, it is the aim of the Villa Rothschild team to allow room for culinary art and communication.

Style of cuisine

In order to flourish, creativity requires a good foundation and freedom. Both are provided by Philipp Schlosshauer in the Villa Rothschild where you’ll embark on a voyage of culinary discovery. Based on the original principles of French cuisine and inspired by real and genuine flavours, the congenial head chef refines and combines top-quality ingredients with thoughtful elegance. As a result, a strong but flexible relationship has been created to the Taunus region.

Relaxed service

The reasons are plentiful for the traditional way to wait tables. But the passing of time demands change. And rightly so, as it allows us to present our food and thoughts on the same level. Look forward to our relaxed yet knowledgeable style of service. Aprons instead of tailcoats. Style instead of stiffness, Comfort instead of…

At a glance

  • Opening times: Thursday to Saturday from 6pm to 11pm. Please note that the last kitchen orders are taken at 9:30pm.
  • Style of cuisine: French with a modern twist, tendency towards regionality and a healthy lifestyle
  • Service attitude: knowledgeable, relaxed, elegant

  • Dress code: smart casual
  • Dogs: Sometimes even our best friends have to stay at home. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Interior design: Classy, impressive and comfortable
  • Reservations: requested

Grill & Health, individual and as a menu?

Great variety is on offer from head chef Philipp Schlosshauer, sous chef Steven Krain and the Rothschild team even when this involves individual flavour compilations. Whereas other kitchen teams apply limits to their culinary concepts, we allow room for culinary art and communication. A conscious effort is made to offer diners a choice of aroma-rich creations from the grill and healthy options from the herb garden. More traditional fare is offered within the scope of a carefully compiled menu which is always refined with a subtle dash of elegance.


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Villa Rothschild
Liquid assets

A companion of a different kind

The Rothschild culinary experience is naturally not only confined to the plate. The accompanying glass makes all the difference. And to ensure the perfect food and drink combination can be found, the Rothschild team has a repertoire that is second to none. From the finest wines with sonorous names, creative spirits and non-alcoholic alternatives, everything has been thought through and uniquely matched. The choice is all yours!

Grill & Health


The centrepiece of the restaurant is the handcrafted, wood-fuelled fireplace with its elongated, ceiling-high brass hood. A unique feature made of blackened iron, burnished brass and fossil-rich Jura marble, whose counterpart harmoniously comes into its own in the Rothschild library. Broad, oiled floorboards made of native oak timbers underline our demands for quality and well-being.

Grill & Health

… and atmosphere

Exquisite partitions create private realms and embedded passages give lovers of fine flavours views of illuminated wine cabinets and the service team’s worktables. The resulting trio of rooms, comprising the restaurant (60 covers) as the core, the library (20 covers) as a contemporary link to the Rothschild history, and the lounge (20 covers) with its thematic focus on Rothschild vinology, are lovingly embedded into the villa.


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Outdoor enjoyment

As fabulous as the interior of the Villa Rothschild Grill & Health Restaurant is, the arrival of the summer season delights us all. On the Rothschild terrace, directly bordering the mansion’s spacious park and with a clear view stretching to the castle in Kronberg, our kitchen and service team will pamper you just as you’ve come to expect. But this time in the open air!


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