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Only a few restaurants and bars in Frankfurt and its surrounds are capable of setting standards. Falkenstein Grand is one of them. Fine, regional dishes with an eye on the basics and beyond await you in our restaurant Landgut Falkenstein with its rustic elegance. Relaxed and natural with its wide selection of creative drinks is «Raffaels» – a perfectly combined bar and bistro and without doubt a place-to-be. The skyline terrace impresses dinners during the sunny months of the year with its breathtaking view and its culinary version of joie de vivre.

Original, genuine and healthy

Restaurant Landgut Falkenstein

Stil & Style

Healthy flavoursome craftsmanship

Meals like at Mum and Dad’s! Enjoy the delight of regional cuisine that exudes rustic elegance and concentrates on the basics as well as venturing beyond. Health food is also presented here without causing a break in style – through conviction and passion and the joy of good, genuine food.

Falkenstein Grand
Landgut Falkenstein

Cuisine & Style

Regional cuisine focused on the essentials and authenticity, but under no circumstances minimised. Rustic and hearty, and overwhelmingly centred on the flavour alone. Native cuisine taken to the next level or in other words fused with creative interpretations of fashionable food trends.

Healthy cuisine with flavour – that’s Landgut Falkenstein.

Falkenstein Grand
Sweet temptations to follow

The perfect dessert

Apart from the sweet temptations, interesting and creative compositions can always be found at Landgut Falkenstein. Our team makes the effort to compose tasty desserts that get by without sugar or are made with a particularly high proportion of chocolate.

Falkenstein Grand
For sustained pleasure

Explorer’s menus

Our continually growing discovery menus present a cross-section of the Landgut Falkenstein cuisine. We take healthy trends and revive recipes from long forgotten kitchen manuals to exploit the moment the taste buds are aroused.

Explorer Menu
Falkenstein Grand
Healthy start

Wholesome beginning

Starting the day on a healthy note does wonders for strengthening your vitality, for succeeding in what you’re doing, and for feeling good. An inherent part of the morning breakfast buffet is therefore the healthy section. Here, in addition to a selection of smoothies, are fresh fruits, specialised health teas and many other components.

Landgut Falkenstein

Tasty days, every day!

Mon – Fri 6:30 – 10:30
Sat – Sun 7:00 – 11:30

Mon – Sun 12:00 – 14:00

Wed – Sun 18:00 – 22:00

Regional and healthy style of cuisine and beyond

Fresh, feel-good ambience and historic architecture

Open-air in the summer months on the skyline terrace

Flavoursome insights


We look forward to receiving your reservation!


« I’ve chosen to be happy because it’s good for my health. »


Raffaels Bar

Falkenstein Grand
Raffaels Bar

Where herbal powers are impressively combined

At Raffaels Bar healthy and natural treats are being revealed in a totally new light. High quality preparation and careful compilation allow us to use the power of herbs as extracts in signature drinks, allowing the herbs’ secrets to be discovered and delighting guests at the same time.


A healthy choice

Falkenstein Grand
In aqua veritas

Perfect pairing

At Raffaels Bar it’s not only international classics and newcomers from the world of herbs that are presented. We also pair and provide the right water to each of these drinks. As easy as it may seem, the water is chosen and fully complements the taste experience in special surroundings.

Falkenstein Grand
Tasty and light


At Raffaels Bar, non-alcoholic drinks and homemade sodas have the same high regard as the classics that have changed the world. We offer options that will turn an alcohol-free visit into a healthy highlight.

Falkenstein Grand

Travel through time

Raffaels Bar is part of Falkenstein Grand that was built in 1909, initially as a recreation home for high-ranking officers of Emperor Wilhelm II. As a reminder of these times, you will discover historic details that have been integrated into the culture of our drinks.


Information for your visit

Mon – Sat 18:00 – 1:00

International classics and newcomers from the herb scene

Perfect compositions from the non-alcoholic world

Selected water pairings

Range of dishes in the charming bistro atmosphere and more than just snacks and classics

Non-smoking policy




Falkenstein Grand
Breathtaking view

Skyline terrace

The view from the skyline terrace at Falkenstein Grand is simply unique. At the heart of the healthy climate zone and with Frankfurt literally being at your feet it never fails to impress. During the summer months, our team combines what’s good for the eyes and the palate, creating a unique culinary backdrop.

Falkenstein Grand
Falkenstein Grand and Villa Rothschild
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« The first wealth is health. »