Falkenstein Grand Top equipment for your fitness and wellbeing

Top equipment for your fitness and wellbeing

Get fit and healthy and stay that way!

Those wanting the best results for themselves and their wellbeing can rely on our professionalism in every respect. Not only will the ASCARA team offer you the very best in supervision, the equipment you will be training on is of a standard that is second to none. Following this, you will find an overview of the onsite training equipment at the Falkenstein Grand.


Take a look at the fitness machines in our hotel…


Fitness equipment overview

  • Modern treadmills for indoor running pleasure
    Training area with leg press, lat pull down and chest press
  • Pull-up bar with TRX
  • Leg curl machine for perfect leg muscles
  • Exclusive Power Plate- vibration training


  • Artis Recline recumbent bike, a good choice for users with limited mobility or weight issues
  • Dumbbell training area
  • Free space for training on the mat
  • Multi Hip: a multi-function machine for training the hip flexors and extensors as well as the hip adductors and abductors

Perfect equipment for your back with Dr. Wolff


Dr. Wolff Back Solution Centre – Training machines

  • Chest/Thoracic vertebrae trainer
  • Leg extension/Hip flexor trainer
  • Abdominal/Hip flexor trainer
  • Get Flexible Circuit Training


  • Mat for individual training with dumbbell area
  • Fascia training
  • Leg flexor/Calf trainer

Our Dr. Wolff Back Solution Centre is particularly recommended for people with busy office lives, who spend many hours in front of a computer screen and who have all types of body tensions. Here, the training methods are particularly gentle and are professionally supervised by our Ascara team.



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