Meetings & Events

Meeting people, discovering the world


A society hotspot in the heart of Hamburg

International congresses such as the G20 summit, highly prestigious and traditional balls, or elegant private celebrations whose special moments linger long in the memory. Since its erection on the banks of Hamburg’s Lake Alster, Hotel Atlantic Hamburg has been a special place for people and events with far-reaching significance. With event options for up to 1200 guests and more than 100 years of expertise, there is much to be said about the Atlantic as an event venue. Variability, individuality and a cosmopolitan outlook have and always will be key to our activities.


An icon…

Hotel Atlantic is viewed by many as an icon. It’s heartwarming to know this and we are extremely aware of those who have been responsible for establishing this reputation over the decades. They have made the Atlantic what it means to our guests today. We view the hotel as our home. A home that we carefully maintain and one we endeavor to present at its best to our guests, thus allowing another important chapter to be written with passion and warmth in the hotel’s chronicle. But above all, our wish is to exceed the expectations that you have of us.


Brief Information on Meetings & Events

  • Location: In the heart of Hamburg, directly next to Lake Alster
  • Distances: 5-minute walk to Hamburg Central Station, approx. 25-minute tram ride to airport, 15-minute walk to city center
  • Style: Historic function rooms and modern boardrooms

  • Technology: State-of-the-art
  • Service: Individual and with personal contact partner
  • In-house catering: Creative and customized to your needs
  • Outside catering: Venue finding & event design

What makes us different…

Hotel Atlantic

Occasion and place

We’re convinced that a special occasion requires a special place. The atmosphere for a gathering is created when people and a striking setting are combined to perfection. With the Hotel Atlantic Hamburg, you are opting for such and will be able to count on the aura that this combination provides.

Hotel Atlantic

Continually redefining perfection

We love being your host. The easier it feels, the more we practice. With the Atlantic and a team you can trust, you will be drawing on a pool of know-how and expertise for your event that will result in consistent quality. The best is only just good enough. That’s the maxim we follow with all our guests.

Hotel Atlantic

People and performers

The great thing about our passion are the people. They account for it and continually make it unique and celebrated. At the Atlantic we want our partnership with you to be built on a professional as well as a personal basis that will lead to your event being a total success. We’ll listen to you and draw up concepts in line with your expectations and parameters. We’ll find solutions to the challenges and take our responsibility of gaining your trust very seriously.

Ibn Battuta

« Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. »


Capacities and sizes

Here you will find a short, concise overview of the function rooms and boardrooms in our grand hotel. Its intention is to provide you with a first impression of the onsite choices. Our tip: allow us to advise you individually with regard to your options for an event and, if possible, arrange an appointment to visit.

Overview of function rooms

Our banqueting halls and meeting rooms


Großer Festsaal

Glamorous and rich in history. The centerpiece of the hotel. Legendary balls, festivities and important gatherings have and continue to take place here. A sense of uniqueness is generated by this magnificent room with its 8.20-meter-high ceiling, ornate plasterwork from the early 20th century, a separate entrance and direct access to three other function rooms.

Size 379 m²
Capacity up to 550

Kleiner Festsaal

Decorated with finely detailed plasterwork and complemented by magnificent chandeliers and an exquisite parquet floor, the Kleiner Festsaal’s floor-length windows are particularly impressive offering direct views into the Atrium of Hotel Atlantic Hamburg. Close to 130m², it offers the ideal setting in Hamburg for events with up to 200 guests. Connecting doors to the hotel’s other function rooms broaden the options for an impressive event of a private or business nature.

Size 128 m²
Capacity up to 200

Weißer Saal

Naturally lit, refreshing and of noble design. Featuring traditional plasterwork elements, magnificent chandeliers and double doors with Mediterranean décor, the Weißer Saal makes an impressive statement with its picturesque view of the hotel’s pillar-enclosed courtyard and fountain.

Size 178 m²
Capacity up to 250

Blauer Festsaal

Elegant wooden floor with a 4.40-meter-high ceiling, gold-blue silk wallpaper and a dazzling chandelier. The Blauer Saal with its historic plasterwork elements and wide mirrored doors pays tribute to the maritime culture. Pure, discreet and inviting at the same time, it is the perfect setting for elegant receptions, effective meetings und private festivities for up to 150 guests.

Size 94 m²
Capacity up to 150

Goldener Saal

A special place that also proves ideal when a separate entrance hall is desired. Its light, gold and yellow design reveals the pure optimism of the Belle Époque era and presents a stylish reflection of European flair. The elegant, positive atmosphere of the Goldener Saal offers room for up to 100. The Goldener Saal’s vestibule provides the perfect reception area for your event.

Size 87 m²
Capacity up to 100


The venue where historic gatherings took place between Hamburg’s merchants, international heads of state and gentlemen enjoying the best cigars and the finest cognacs. With its 5.20-meter-high ceiling, wood-paneled walls and Hanseatic-themed decorative elements, the Senatszimmer still offers an exceptional setting for meetings, seminars and private celebrations. The late former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt spoke regularly and readily here. Please note that a pleasurable smoking experience can now only be enjoyed in the hotel’s Cigar Lounge.

Size 56 m²
Capacity up to 50

Salon Elbe

Perfect in combination, unique in presentation. The historic Senatszimmer and the elegance of the Elbe can merge into an exclusive symbiosis to allow your intentions to be met. Whereas Salon Elbe may act as the entrance hall for receiving guests or the place for the culinary experience, the Atlantic Senatszimmer can be the setting for the business meeting or private party.

Size 38 m²
Capacity up to 30


The Vestibule is the gateway to the Atlantic’s world of events. A separate doorway leads directly into this grand entrance hall. Its charm and effectiveness means it is ideal for use during large events and congresses. It’s the perfect setting for welcoming your guests and for placing a meeting desk while letting the action takes place in the adjacent Weißer Salon, Blauer Salon and Großer Festsaal. A fully-fitted cloakroom exclusively for event guests is also available.


Holländisches Zimmer

Intimate and with an unmistakable character. With its wood paneling, porcelain wall tiles and fireplace, this room is authentic, thoroughly Hanseatic and since 1909 the Hamburg setting for meetings und private events. Besides its distinctive character, the Holländisches Zimmer also features its own entrance hall, the Große Schiffskabine. It’s perfectly suited for tea and coffee breaks or for the lunch option included in the scope of your meeting.

Size 35 m²
Capacity up to 30


Maritime, cruise-liner elegance with personal, undisturbed flair for your needs and private meetings. Overlooking the waters of Lake Alster, the Hafenzimmer offers an effective option for small group discussions that require an exclusive atmosphere. The neighboring Kleine Schiffskabine provides the perfect setting for chatting over a cup of tea or coffee together and savoring the peace and quiet.

Size 19 m²
Capacity 10

Atlantic Boardroom 407

Hanseatic style and a unique atmosphere for moments of a very special kind. Discover the Atlantic Boardroom within the Presidential Suite. With floor-length windows, a four-meter-high ornate plasterwork ceiling, historic charm and a far-reaching view across the waters of the Alster. Perfectly presented with fine materials such as Murano glass and Swarovski lights, modern designer furniture and maritime artworks. A place for special occasions in exclusive company.

Size 30 m²
Capacity 8

Atlantic Boardroom 408

Efficient, effective and purposeful. In this Atlantic Boardroom your meeting will be able to concentrate on the essentials with everything you need to hand. State-of-the-art technology, flat screen, integrated service station and a personal atmosphere for mutual working or even as part of a hybrid meeting. The view across the waters of the Alster should provide the necessary inspiration.

Size 27 m²
Capacity 10


The legendary Alstersalon offers not only the perfect start to the day but can be transformed from an elegant breakfast room into an exclusive function room. Whether for a business lunch, a meeting or for a celebratory reception, here you will encounter 190 square meters of Hanseatic flair with a 3.40-meter-high ceiling and a direct view of Hamburg’s beautiful Lake Alster. If your meeting requires the option of a joint meal in one of our restaurants, here you go…

Size 190 m²

Atlantic Bar

It’s a way of discovering the world. And this applies to your event too. Incorporate the cosmopolitan flair of the Atlantic Bar together with the Atlantic Atrium as an open-air area into your meeting and let your guests savor the pleasures of fine spices and aromas from distant lands. We shall be more than happy to suggest a suitable selection of dishes and drinks in line with the theme of your event.


« Reisen veredelt den Geist und räumt mit unseren Vorurteilen auf. »


A stage that means the world…or certainly can

Many of the ideas from the time of the building of the grand hotel in 1909 have proven today to be of inestimable value and of great benefit. The hotel, whose history was and always will be a part of our society, also provides exclusivity in the sense of being able to offer all event spaces including catering as one whole concept. Our banqueting halls, meeting areas, and restaurants through to our Grand Lobby and the outdoor Atrium can all be combined together to form a single unit for one large event. It offers a world of its own, you could say, just for you and your purposes.


Our exclusive catering location, the Hamburg Übersee Club


Catering overlooking the Inner Alster

The Übersee Club is a piece of Hamburg history located at its heart on the banks of the Alster. Six historic rooms, centrally located and in close proximity to our grand hotel are available to you through the Atlantic. From meetings and seminars to conferences and private parties, it is here that individuality is at home. Up to 200 guests are able to enjoy the impressive, historic and flexible rooms in the Übersee Club. A location that is without doubt one of the most exclusive spots in Hamburg.


Catering Key Facts

  • Location: Directly next to Hamburg’s Inner Alster, an approx. 15-minute-walk from Hotel Atlantic Hamburg
  • Historic: Our team has managed the catering and events of the Übersee Club since 1952
  • Maximum number of guests: Up to 200 people can enjoy the club’s facilities

  • Meetings: Historic function rooms in perfect condition offer an exclusive atmosphere
  • Service: Catering and meeting offers are supported by a separate Atlantic team
  • Technology: Professional partners guarantee that everything runs smoothly

Function Rooms



True to original, painstakingly restored and with plenty of natural daylight. As the centerpiece of the Übersee Club, the Festsaal function room with its large chandelier, ornate plasterwork and finely carved door crowns, offers a breathtaking setting for seminars, meetings and celebrations of a very special kind.

Size 65 m²
Capacity 90

Rotes Zimmer

Far from the city bustle yet in Hamburg’s heart. Regardless of whether it’s a business or private function, the Rotes Zimmer offers a private environment for small groups, meetings or personal discussions

Size 25 m²
Capacity 20

Alsterzimmer I

Not only is the Übersee Club’s catering team at work serving culinary delights in these two, naturally lit, historic restaurant salons, but these incomparable rooms are also where the entire team bring to life unforgettable seminars, meetings or private parties with impressive views across the waters of the Inner Alster – exclusively for you and your guests

Size 35 m²
Capacity 30

Alsterzimmer II

Alsterzimmer I and II can be harmoniously and elegantly combined with one another thus becoming one large room for your event. They can also, of course,  be used separately for the individual purposes of your meeting, for example as a second room for work-group concepts. We are more than happy to advise you on site!

Size 35 m²
Capacity 30

Jenisch Zimmer

Retained in the elegant color of art nouveau green and decorated with artistic porcelain, chandeliers and impressive carvings, the Jenisch Zimmer reminds us today of the initiator and developer of the Amsinck Haus, Gottlieb Jenisch. It is where one of Hamburg’s prettiest views unites with stylish solitude in a historic ambience – ideal for undisturbed discussions, individual meetings but also private parties.

Size 27 m²
Capacity 25

Hall & Bar

Whether for beginning, accompanying or rounding off your event, the bar with its British style, wood-paneled walls and dark leather armchairs perfects the design of the hall and complements the character of your event. Highlight: a rare artwork by J.F. Christian Förster that depicts the dog of senator J.M. Jenisch.

Size 180 m²
Capacity up to 180

Our meeting packages


Meeting package for 10+ persons

  • Use of one of the meeting rooms according to your needs for the specified time.
  • Unlimited mineral water and fruit juice in the main meeting room
  • Morning coffee break with snacks chosen by the head chef
  • Light 2-course lunch menu / Lunch buffet chosen by the head chef
  • One alcohol-free drink for lunch
  • Afternoon coffee break with snacks chosen by the head chef
  • Projection screen, projector suitable for the function room and a flip chart
  • Wi-Fi in the conference area for all participants
  • High-quality writing materials
  • Office supplies for your registration

Bookable services
• Welcoming coffee for €5,50 per person
• Welcoming coffee including croissants for €8,50 per person
• Unlimited alcohol-free drinks and a cup of tea or coffee at lunch for €9 per person

€99 per person/whole day
€91 per person/half day*

Hotel Atlantic Hamburg

Christmas package for 40+ persons

  • Use of one of the meeting rooms according to your number of guests
  • Reception with Christmas punch (also non-alcoholic) or sparkling wine and biscuits (30 minutes)
  • Festive 3-course menu or buffet of the chef’s choice
  • Accompanying drinks for 6 hours (water, selection of white and red wine, draught beer, soft drinks and a coffee speciality)
  • Midnight snack (soup)
  • Christmas decorations
  • Staff costs until 02:00 am & cloakroom attendant

Additional services

  • Candelabra EUR 25.00 per piece
  • Mobile bar EUR 250.00
  • Champagne/punch reception for 1 hour EUR 15.00 per person
  • Long drinks are charged according to actual consumption


EUR 159 per person