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Montreux is considered the jewel of the Swiss Riviera. Located between Lake Geneva and the Alps, visitors will benefit not only from the mild climate, but also from the broad array of cultural events and an inspiring Savoir-vivre. Whether it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site or jazz festival, there’s a suitable excursion destination and a good time for everybody.

Interesting Facts

About Montreux

Location: Located at the Swiss Riviera in the canton of Vaud on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva

Language: As part of French-speaking Switzerland, French is predominantly spoken

Timezone: Central European Time

Climate: Mediterranean micro-climate with sub-tropic vegetation

Currency: Swiss Franc

On the Go in the Region

Excursion destinations

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Lavaux, UNESCO Vineyard Terraces

Extensive hiking trails lead from Lausanne to Montreux through the largest connected wine region in Switzerland, which is not only distinguished by UNESCO, but also offers a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

Distance: 15 km
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Cog Railway

The cog railway takes you high above starting from the shore of Lake Geneva: In less than an hour, you’ll bear witness to the breathtaking panorama of the Rochers de Naye and can already enjoy the picturesque landscape during the ride.

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Freddie Mercury

Montreux erected a monument to one of the world’s most famous personalities directly on the promenade of Lake Geneva: Through the statue, singer Freddie Mercury and the beautiful city at the Swiss Riviera will forever be connected.

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Chillon Castle

The moated castle on a cliff along the shore of Lake Geneva is the most visited historical building in Switzerland. Originally constructed as a checkpoint between northern and southern Europe, today Chillon Castle continues to attract visitors from all over the world with its numerous exhibitions and event highlights.

Distance: 3 km
Day Trips

Exciting cities nearby

• Gstaad: 58 km
• Pull: 30 km
• Yverdon: 62 km
• Bulle: 37 km
• Evian: 37 km
• Vevey: 7 km
• Lausanne: 30 km

• Grandvaux: 27 km
• Fribourg: 61 km
• Lutry: 23 km
• Martigny: 42 km
• Sion: 67 km
• Morges: 45
• Nyon: 71 km

Deep Purple

„We all came out to Montreux On the Lake Geneva shoreline To make records with a mobile“

“Smoke on the Water”

Music & Culture in Montreux

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Cultural Highlight

Montreux Jazz Festival

Montreux sets the tone when it comes to cultural and musical events. The Montreux Jazz Festival has taken place every year since 1967 and with its dynamics, attracts artists and visitors from all around the world. Nothing has changed about the creative atmosphere of the place: Just like before, Montreux is regarded as a magnet for free spirits searching for peace, strength, and inspiration.

Freddy Mercury

“Whoever seeks peace of mind comes to Montreux”

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On the way to Montreux

Good to know

Information for your arrival

Montreux bus station is located directly across from the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic

The Geneva and Sion airports are less than an hour away

Driving by car, you’ll reach the hotel via an ideal connection to the motorway network

Parking opportunities can be found in the parking garage in immediate proximity


The Geneva Airport (GVA) is located approx. one hour from Montreux and can be quickly reached by car. Sion Airport (SIR) can also be reached easily by car.


Montreux is ideally connected to the Swiss motorway network; the best route for your arrival can be found using Google Route Planner. Please observe the speed limits in Switzerland.


The Montreux train station can be easily reached with many European and national railway lines.
Tickets for the Schweizer Bahn (SBB) can be purchased online or via ticketing machines at the train stations.

Avenue des Alpes 45
1820 Montreux