Business & Pleasure


Not a slogan, but a promise

Be thrilled and fascinated – both privately and professionally. Perfection, precision, passion: those are our milestones for ensuring that your expectations for an event at the Grand Hôtel Suisse Majestic in Montreux will not merely be met, but rather exceeded. The combination of experience gained from our long history with the trendy lifestyle of the Swiss Riviera characterise our “Business & Pleasure” concept. And that is an absolute “match”.

Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic

Key Facts

Style: Belle Époque & modern meeting rooms

Capacity: 300 people max

Equipment: Latest meeting technology

Atmosphere: Daylight & conference lightning

Service: Professional team

Culinary: Individual cuisine

Tailor-made & professional

Suisse Majestic


The views of Lake Geneva and the French Alps are hard to capture in words. Pictures tell more, and the experience tells all. So make use of the prominent location for your successful meeting or unique wedding. Receive your guests with an aperitif, perhaps on the sun terrace, and allow yourself to be pampered. This feeling, this emotion is unbeatable for us. And breath-taking every single day. Time and time again…

Suisse Majestic

Food Concepts

Our cuisine is an expression of passion with concept. This can be seen from the quality. However, what is decisive for our virtuoso chefs is also to understand the context of why our guests are eating. Therefore, for lunch during meetings, we focus on lightness. This ensures that conference members can return to the topic full of energy and creativity. It is quite a different matter with a wedding. He we demonstrate the true individuality of our hotel and our passion as hosts. Let us talk about it.

Business & Pleasure

Meeting rooms

Suisse Majestic
Belle Epoque

Salon 4 Saisons

Historical flair, live, dynamic and stylish. 4 Saisons offers you more than just a place. It is a feeling that reflects on and fascinates its guests. Flooded with light and with a broad front looking out on Lake Geneva and the French Alps on the other side of the water, perfectly catered and staged by the Suisse Majestic team – a dream for your success, which our hotel is happy to make available to you.

260 m² Size
300 guests max Capacity
Suisse Majestic
Clean in design

Salon Chablais

Clear and clean in design, Chablais provides the best options for constructive meetings, concentrated presentations, or meals with large groups and effective communication. A business meeting room par excellence, which despite its young years, and with a new interior design, is already an exquisite host for private functions.

40 m² Size
15 guests max Capacity
Suisse Majestic

Salon Gris

With its historical elements, Gris offers deliberate reserve in the finest manner and surrounds its guests with a thoroughly charming and stylish flair. When a pleasant brightness enters the room during the sunny hours of the day, or candle illuminate the dusk, “ce n’est pas gris, c‘est parfait”. Highly recommended as a location for a banquet of culinary delights.

70 m² Size
49 guests max Capacity
Suisse Majestic
Fresh Design

Salon Dezaley

The fresh design of Dezaley resembles Chablais in many details. It can stand on its own, and is particularly suited to business meetings or workshops. While it can be used alone, it can also be opened up for larger events, and harmonises perfectly with Lavaux. That is its special feature – to your advantage. Incidentally, the room is located directly on our modern meeting floor. Here we serve hot and healthy delicious snacks for your breaks.

50 m² Size
27 guests max Capacity
Suisse Majestic

Salon Dezaley & Lavaux

Together is not always better, but in this case, it certainly is an enhancement. The flexible movable partition walls of the meeting rooms Dezaley and Lavaux can disappear wonderfully where required, providing a larger space for your event. Both rooms have the same interior design in order to fully exploit this symbiosis for both private and business events. You are also welcome to use the option of the combining rooms for situations in which different conceptual workshops are planned.

105 m² Size
70 guests max Capacity
Suisse Majestic

Salon Or

Festive dining – privately or professionally. That is one option. Meeting in a close circle of decision-makers in the company is another possibility offered to you by Or in a very special and elegant manner. You should certainly avail of it for yourself, you company and your guests. Use the high-quality flair of the room, with its fireplace, to your advantage and allow yourself to be indulged with the best culinary delights.

45 m² Size
30 guests max Capacity
Suisse Majestic
With Character

Salon Riviera

A name that will of course remind of the site of your event. With your meeting or function in Montreux on the Swiss Riviera and in the Riviera room, you can include the light and high-quality flair of our region in your concept. Benefit from the charming lines of this room, which is perfectly suitable for concentrated and targeted meetings, and which will support you in reaching your objectives in the best possible manner. After all, the art of success lies in the quality of a stylish simplification.

155 m² Size
120 guests max Capacity

Live life to the full

Enjoy life to the full. In one way or another, perhaps in different ways. It should be just according to your taste, and we would like to support you with a few offers. Take a relaxed look at our packages and get a taste. This is how we live on the Swiss Riviera, and you can too – hopefully very soon!

Where the joyfulness and sensitivity of a long lost era still unfold.