The legacy of the Belle Époque

Discover the fascinating history of the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic, as well as its holistic health concept, and learn why the direct location at Lake Geneva is ideal for rejuvenating your body and mind in the pervasive atmosphere of the Belle Époque.

Suisse Majestic
From the Fin de Siècle to Today

Our History

Constructed by Eugène Jost, the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic quickly became a location of inspiring energy that invites guests to enjoy sensuous experiences and discover nature. It is this creative aura that has always attracted artists and creative free spirits. Broermann Health & Heritage translates this epoch’s positive attitude towards life into modern, renovated interiors and a focus on healthy living in the present.

Majestic Madeleine Moment

Attention to detail, sensuous experiences, and living in the moment are what characterize the age of the Belle Époque. Marcel Proust experienced such a moment of pleasure at Madeleine’s that this moment even became world famous later on. Indulgence and little pleasures also play a special role every day at the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic.

Majestic Madeleine Moment
In Search of Lost Time – Marcel Proust

«No sooner had the tea mixed with pastry crumbs touched my palate, a shudder ran through me.»


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Rays of Vitality

Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic

The Spirit of the Belle Époque Interpreted in a Modern Fashion

Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic

Suisse Majestic
Artistic Snapshots

Jugendstil Details

The ornamental Jugendstil windows from the artist Eduard Diekman are preserved in their original form and exemplify the unique language of form, aesthetics, and zest for life of the Belle Époque.

Suisse Majestic
A Declaration of Love to the Swiss Riviera

Interior Design

The new design pays homage to the unique landscape of Montreux; In the lobby, the materials and details transmit the colors of sunlight and Lake Geneva to the interior of the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic.

Suisse Majestic
Lifestyle & A Zest for Life

Bar Lounge

The modern interior of the 45 Bar is inspired by the fascinating surroundings of Lake Geneva and interweaves sensuous indulgence and an unparalleled nature experience in an attractive manner.

Suisse Majestic
Works of Art from the Fin de Siècle

Belle Époque Salons

The impressive Salon 4 Seasons is especially reflective of the zest for life of the Belle Époque, which isn’t the only reason it is used for weddings and large events.

Jugendstil & Belle Époque

With its decorative curved shapes, the special architecture of the Belle Époque ensures a vitalizing dynamic that, in combination with the mild climate of Lake Geneva and the many attractions in the surrounding area of Montreux, has a refreshing and inspiring impact on our visitors.

Extraordinary Boutique Hotels

Autograph Collection from Marriott

Since 2019, the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic Montreux has belonged to the Autograph Collection, a group of individual boutique hotels that represent unique design, sensuous ambiance, and a special connection to their surroundings. Every property has distinctive daily rituals and regular events that underline the particular character of the hotel.

Our Philosophy

Suisse Majestic

A Healthy Diet

Health begins with a sensible diet. That’s why a diverse and balanced selection of health, grilled, and soul food dishes are a fixture at Broermann Health & Heritage Hotels.

Suisse Majestic

Restful sleep

Good sleep forms the foundation of a healthy, balanced, and active life. With its scientifically based concept, Broermann Health & Heritage Hotels offer the best environment for restful sleep.

Suisse Majestic

Active Movement

An active life keeps your body and mind fit. The Broermann Health & Heritage concept encourages active discovery of the surroundings by small means and aims for more vitality and movement during one’s stay at the hotel and beyond.