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In Search of Lost Time – Marcel Proust

«Too much of a good thing can do no harm.»

Sunrise Breakfast

Suisse Majestic
Suisse Majestic

Towards the sunshine

There is no more beautiful or tasteful, revitalizing or lively, individual or private way to discover the morning hours. Choose the sunrise breakfast on your room balcony during your stay and be enchanted by the reflecting rays of the rising sun on the surface of Lake Geneva.

Sunrise Breakfast at a glance

  • Room or suite with a balcony and view of Lake Geneva and the Alps
  • Vitalizing breakfast creation with hot drinks and freshly-squeezed juice of your choice
  • Served on your room’s balcony or in your suite


Suisse Majestic

Refreshing and invigorating

Discover a destination that is by far more than a simple place. World-famous artists are taking advantage of the fascinating scenery to reboot here and so you should do. Book your professional coaching for body, mind & soul and find your revitalization in Montreux.

Revitalize at a glace

  • Room or suite just as you wish
  • Professional, one-hour coaching for body, mind & soul
  • Access to our cooperation partner, the Willow Spa in Montreux, directly on the promenade of Lake Geneva

Where the joyfulness and sensitivity of a long lost era still unfold.