Majestic Madeleine Moment

An Enjoyable Break from Everyday Life

Discover the vibrant heart of the Belle Époque that continues to beat in the historic ambiance of the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic. Experience the sensuous atmosphere and inspiring zest for life of an epoch that lived entirely for the moment. Enjoy the magic of the moment with all your senses.

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In Search of Lost Time

World Famous Pastries

Marcel Proust didn’t only create a masterpiece of the 20th century with his novel, but he made a small, shell-shaped pastry internationally renowned in the first chapter: the Madeleine. The taste of the pastry combined with a sip of lime blossom tea fills the narrator with a never felt before feeling of happiness and brings back memories from his childhood, which from then on pervade him whenever he’s enjoying Madeleines.

In Search of Lost Time – Marcel Proust

«No sooner had the tea mixed with pastry crumbs touched my palate than a shudder ran through me.»

Experience history with all of your senses

Majestic Madeleine Moment

Sometimes all you need is a cup of tea and a small piece of pastry to be happy and enjoy your life in the moment. As homage to Proust’s monumental chronicle and the zest for life of the Belle Époque, every afternoon, the fine, butter pastry is served with a cup of tea at the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic, where our guests also come across it in many other situations during their stay.

We make your stay sweeter

The Taste of the Belle Époque

Whether as a greeting, in the afternoon, or for that original tea-time feeling at home, every day we prepare you fresh Madeleines made of the finest regional ingredients!

In Search of Lost Time – Marcel Proust

«You can never have too much of the good stuff.»